A Natural Recipe For Regulation Of The Stool And Digestive Tract

This is a totally organic and natural remedy for healing the digestive tract

which primarily helps in digestion, relieve constipation, hard and/or irregular stools. A good and regular bowel function is imperative for good health. Long term constipation and irregular hard stools can cause serious health difficulties which can result with the many different severe illnesses.

Wheat bran

FloridaHealthNews presents to you the solution by the British surgeon Dr Neil O.Painter who along with his team, through a series of experiments, developed a method for a permanent and effective solution without chemicals and artificial medications.

Dr. Painter's method consists of consuming wheat bran in small doses three times a day. Consuming just a couple of teaspoons of wheat bran on a regular basis every day, during a period of 7-14 days will most likely help you regulate your stool.

Wheat Bran

The basic dose is two large teaspoons of bran three times a day. If this dosage doesn't work after 7-14 days increase it to three large teaspoons of bran, three times a day. The bran is not tasty if you eat it by itself, so you can mix it with milk, yogurt and water as a supplement in a meal or as you please. The important thing is to consume 2-3 teaspoons of bran 3 times a day.

The bran needs to be unprocessed so you can achieve positive results. Food that lacks in fiber is the most common cause of a hard and irregular stool. Dr. Painter highlights that everyone needs to find the right dose for themselves, but it should be in the range of 1-4 teaspoons three times a day. In the course of 7 days if there isn't any improvement in the stool, than a change in the dosage is needed so regular stool is achieved.


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