Inflatable Sleep Hoodie Lets You Nap Anywhere

Do you feel like taking a nap?

This might actually be great if you travel a lot. Makes it easier to take a nap in a long bus trip or airplane.

Inflatable Hoodie

You’re a successful 21st century citizen of the world, but your regular, naturally sourced hoodie is holding you back. After all, if your hoodie doesn’t have a discreet inflatable pillow hidden in its hood, what good is it? Well, lucky for you, California based Hypnos is giving out tickets to Sleep City, and you’re invited!

Designed by Josh Woodle, the Hypnos sleep hoodie will let you nap anywhere. The starting at 46 USD garment comes with an inflatable pillow in the hood: blow up the pillow, and it’s nap time, all the time! The successfully funded Kickstarter project comes in three colors and a fitted or relaxed fit; most of the sweaters are made of 100% cotton, although the jacket version is made of nylon.


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